Friday, February 11, 2011

{A few secret weapons}

For the past while I have been putting my cooking skills to the test every night making homemade meals for my family at my parent's house. It's great practice for my future family & I have come to enjoy it a lot! I think Tyler likes it too, because he gets a home cooked meal every night when he comes home from work.
Well for those of you who know me you know that I am a crazy psycho about eating healthy. Don't get me wrong I don't forget to indulge a little every once in a while but for 90% of the time I am pretty darn strict. So how do I come up with yummy healthy dinners you ask?

Meet my secret weapons...

These beauties are my favorite cookbooks so far that I've obtained. Prerequisites are that they must contain meals for 400 calories or less, use wholesome ingredients, & taste delicious!
...and boy have they yet to disappoint.

Some favorite meals pictured below.

{Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Sandwiches}

{Chicken fried steak with turkey sausage gravy}

{Loaded Nachos}


{Chicken Noodle Soup}
Other favorites:
*A-1 Swiss burgers
*Cheesy Turkey Enchiladas
*Apple butter pork chops
*General Tso's chicken
*Chicken nuggets & steak fries
*Chicken Parmesan pizza
*Fettuccine Alfredo
*Baked potato soup
*Chicken pot pie
*Mac n' cheese
*Crouton breaded chicken
*Spaghetti w/ meatballs
*Spaghetti Carbonara
*Chicken Cordon Bleu
*Bacon burgers

I know you're probably asking yourself, "how on earth can these be healthy meals?!"
They are.
And since I know you don't believe me.. I DARE you to go buy one or all of these books & see for yourself.
You can thank me later..

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